Anna farmer, Phd, MPH, RD

Principal Investigator

Dr. Anna Farmer is a registered dietitian and professor of community nutrition and culinary education at the University of Alberta. She received her PhD in Community Health at the University of Toronto and MPH at the University of Hawaii. She is the principal investigator for the FLIP program. Her research is focused on healthy food environments in the child care setting and food behaviours. Anna is passionate about getting families and children involved in cooking, and as a mother of four children, she encouraged her children to have fun in the kitchen.

Paulina Blanco, Msc

Program Coordinator

Paulina is a dietitian registered in Mexico. She did her MSc at the University of Alberta, focusing on community nutrition, program evaluation and qualitative research. Paulina coordinates the planning, educational resources, and evaluation of the FLIP program.  Paulina is passionate about health promotion and during her free time she is thinking about ways to convey evidence-based nutrition information through social media. She also enjoys taking long walks and learning new recipes.  

Crystal Narten, RD

Social Media Coordinator

Crystal is a registered dietitian and graduate student currently completing her MPH at the University of Toronto. She is passionate about children’s health and previously worked as a clinical pediatric dietitian at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. She is completing her master’s practicum with the FLIP team, and is in charge of the online content, including our social media, website, and blog. In her spare time she enjoys drawing, painting, and visiting new coffee shops.

Cortney Angelstad, Bsc

Program Coordinator

Cortney has a BSc in Environmental Science and is a nutrition student from the University of Alberta. She just finished her third year of nutrition classes. Cortney started with the FLIP program as a volunteer in 2018. She now assists with coordination, planning, evaluation, and social media aspects of the program. Cortney is passionate about promoting health through nutrition and active living. When she isn't working, she loves being outside hiking, biking, and adventuring with her dog.

Elise Leong-Sit

Research Assistant and Health Mentor

Elise is a nutrition student from the University of Alberta. She just finished her fourth year of nutrition classes, and she is now a Dietetic Intern at the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton. Elise supports the FLIP team in teaching cooking classes to preschool families and in creating resources for nutrition education. When she isn't working, she loves taking long walks with her dog as well as cooking up a storm of healthy snacks for her friends and family.

Melissa Genee, RD

Research Assistant

Melissa Genee is a registered paediatric dietitian at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton. Melissa has been working with the FLIP program since 2018. She has a passion for nutrition, cooking and educating families, all of which she has been able to combine working with the FLIP program. You can find her weekly contributions through the Nibbles & Wiggles blog where she will be answering nutrition questions, sharing healthy family-friendly recipes and providing expert nutrition advice. 

Marjorie Lima do Vale, Phd Candidate

Research Assistant

Marjorie is a PhD candidate at the University of Alberta and a dietitian registered in Brazil. She has been very involved in planning and evaluating community-based interventions. She works closely with the program coordinator on the educational strategies and resources used throughout the FLIP program, and also on the assessment of the FLIP program outcomes. When she is not in front of the computer, which is a lot, she is cooking, reading or playing board games with her friends. 

Health Mentors and Volunteers

Health mentors and volunteers are also an integral part of our team. This group includes senior nutrition and dietetics students, as well as graduate students. 

They help us with the delivery of both our in-person and online content. We appreciate their support very much, and they help us make this program a reality!