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Rutabaga anyone?

Can't say that rutabaga is a popular vegetable. Why is that? Have you ever tried it? Rutabagas are actually very easy to cook, tasty, and affordable!

This week we are trying rutabaga dinosaurs with the kids. Using a cookie cutter to make fun shapes, our day care kids are eating them like crackers. They are pretty darn good raw!

You may like them even more cooked. Here are some ideas to include rutabagas:

  1. Cut them up like fries and bake in the oven with olive oil and seasoning. Great for dipping!

  2. Add diced into soups instead of potatoes.

  3. Grate them into a salad or into ground meat to make hamburgers. They will add a nice flavour.

  4. Grate them into mornings muffins.

  5. Slice them into stir fries!

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