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Picky eating at home?

Is meal time a challenge? Does your child only want certain types of food? This is, for many kids, normal behaviour and it will eventually disappear with time. However, here are some helpful tips and tricks that will help your child be more willing to try new foods.

Remember that you and your child have different roles during mealtimes.

You as a parent will decide:

- What foods and drinks are served.

Make the same meal for the entire family and follow Canada’s Food Guide to offer a variety of healthy foods to your child.

- When foods and drinks are served.

Offer meals and snacks at the same time every day!

- Where to offer foods and drinks.

Your child will eat better if the family eats at the table together (away from TV and distractions).

Your child will decide:

- If he/she is going to eat the food served.

Don’t force your child to eat. Your child will eat when she/he is hungry.

- How much to eat.

Trust in your child’s cues! They know better than an adult when they are hungry or when they are full.

The next time you’re all eating together, try to relax and let your child explore their food. Children can sense your stress too. If your child didn’t eat enough at this meal they will make up for it later! Just be consistent, stay calm and don’t negotiate.

Source: Dietitians of Canada

Are you trying to add more veggies to your main dishes?

The vegetable that we tried at the child care center last week was sweet potato!

Kids loved it! Click here for 25 healthy ways to cook sweet potatoes!

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