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Reward or no Reward

Not all of us have experienced how frustrating it is to get a child to eat. But those of us who have, we've surely tried EVERTHING for just 1 bite!

There are many strategies that parents use to try and get their picky eater to eat. Do you have give rewards for eating? Let's take a look at ways you should and should not reward your child for eating.

Rewards for that "one bite!" that are not very effective:

  • allowing them to watch TV while eating. This distracts anyone from being aware of that full feeling. Distracted eating can lead to overeating.

  • rewarding with dessert if they eat their plate. You want kids to eat without having to bargain for other food.

  • promising rewards that you will not stick to

  • rewarding them with new toys for eating. Not a good long term strategy, they will always expect something.

Rewards for "that one bite" that are more effective:

  • reward with positive encouragement

  • reward with foods cut into fun shapes

  • show the child you are also eating the same food you expect them to eat and how much you love it!

  • reward with a game like playing catch outside (a positive behavior)

  • reward with letting the child know he/she decide how much to eat but you have a one bite rule!

Other tips:

  • offer water/milk after supper if your child drinks himself full

  • do not give snacks right before supper (food tastes better when your child has an appetite)

  • after sports leave cut veggies on the table (kids will eat when they are hungry)

  • keep snack foods out of reach and out of sight

  • be supportive but firm

  • make food fun and interactive

Here are 5 great tips to get kids more interested in food!

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