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Cooking With Kids & Tips for Success

Reasons to Cook with your Child:

The benefits of including your children in cooking far outweighs the messy kitchen you may end up with.

  1. Cooking is educational for your children. They will not only learn how to prepare meals, they will also learn what is healthy, how to read recipes, work with fractions, understand food science and so much more.

  2. Cooking allows you to spend quality time with family. It is a great after-school activity as well as a relaxing activity to do on the weekend.

  3. Cooking with your children allows you to share your culture and keep favourite family recipes alive. When cooking family recipes, talk about who taught you to make the recipe and any traditions behind it.

What can my Child do in the Kitchen?

There are many activities that children are capable of doing in the kitchen, but it is best to start with the basics and build their way up. Children Aged 2-3:

  • Wash vegetables and fruits

  • Count ingredients

  • Add ingredients to a bowl

  • Put paper liners into muffin tins

Children Aged 3-4:

  • Pour from measuring cups

  • Mix ingredients in a bowl

  • Help make a simple sandwich or pizza

  • Help gather ingredients

  • Mash sweet potatoes or bananas

Children Aged 4-6:

  • Stir ingredients together

  • Slice cooked vegetables, soft fruit, or cheese with a plastic knife

  • Set the table

  • Crack and beat an egg

Tips for Success!

  • Think safety first! Teach your children what is safe to touch and ensure they are supervised at all times.

  • Provide age appropriate cooking utensils for your child.

  • Be clean! Teach your children why, how and when to wash their hands.

  • Start with simple recipes.

  • Provide your children with a damp cloth so they can tidy up after themselves.

  • Have fun! Keep it a positive environment for your child to learn and explore.

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