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Gardening with your Child

Gardening with your child can teach them many things including responsibility, love of nature, creativity and nutrition. It can be a great way to spend time with your child, do something physically active, and teach them about where food comes from.

Planning a Garden

  • Starting a garden can be simple. It can take the form of traditional gardens boxes or can be done in pots on a patio.

  • During the fall and winter, gardening can take the form of herb gardens inside the house.

  • Read and follow the label on the seed package or the plant tag to plan your garden.

  • The label will tell you the optimal amount of light, water and other specific growing conditions.

  • When gardening with children, choose hardier plants that are faster to grow such as beans, peas and sunflowers.

How to Involve Your Child

  • Let your child dig in the garden with hand tools or their hands. They can help break up clods of dirt.

  • Show you child how to plant seeds by starting with large seeds. Have you child make a furrow in the soil and have them place the seeds in the bottom them firmly cover with soil.

  • Have your child water the plants with a small watering can or a cup.

  • Encourage your child to observe the plants as they grow.

  • Have your child help harvest, clean and cook the food that they have grown.

Benefits of Gardening with Your Child

  • Children develop new skills.

  • Children learn about science and nature from growing their own food.

  • Increasing knowledge and connection with nutrition and the environment.

  • Spending time outside and being physically active.



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