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Happy and Healthy Holidays

It’s that time of year when the holiday parties are numerous and food is plentiful! From work parties to school dances to family gatherings, there are many festivities to attend during the holidays. At holiday gatherings we are often surrounded by an abundance of rich and tasty food making it easy to get out of our normal routines and healthy eating habits. We have put together different ways to help maintain healthy eating habits while still enjoying the many treats that holiday parties have to offer. Keep reading for our tips on staying healthy during the holiday season.

Maintain Your Eating Schedule

It can be difficult during the holidays to stick to your family’s typical eating schedule. However, eating consistent meals and snacks throughout the day can help to curb hunger and maintain a healthy diet throughout the holidays. Eating at consistent times will help to keep your family full throughout the day and decrease the likelihood of overeating.

Eat Before Going to a Party

Have a nutritious meal or snack before attending a holiday party. This way you and your family won’t be as hungry at the party and will be less likely to eat large amounts of snack foods and desserts. Making healthy choices is much easier when you’re not overly hungry.

Bring Your Own Snack

Bring something delicious and healthy to share at your holiday gatherings. This way you know your family will have something healthy to count on. These whole wheat orange ginger scones or squash dip are sure to be a hit!

Healthy Swaps

Desserts are a natural part of celebrating the holidays. When making your own holiday treats try making healthier versions by swapping some of the fat in the recipe for apple sauce or mashed bananas. The amount of sugar in a recipe can be reduced by ⅓ of what the recipe calls for without a significant difference in taste and texture. Add more fibre and nutrients to your baked goods by swapping half of the all-purpose flour in a recipe for whole wheat. Click here for more ideas on how to reduce sugar and here for more ideas on how to reduce fat in the kitchen.

Enjoy Your Favourite Treats

Eating your favourite holiday dishes can be part of a healthy diet and promotes a positive relationship with food. Allow yourself and your family to indulge in their favourite treats without labelling them. Enjoy them in moderation by serving smaller portions or sharing them.

Mindful Eating

Being mindful while eating will enable you and your family to enjoy your favourite holiday food more thoroughly and will help to reconnect with fullness and hunger cues. You can ask your children to describe the colours, flavours, and textures of their food allowing them to positively explore food with all of their senses.

Keep Active During the Holidays

Sometimes it can seem like quite a task to stay active during the winter, especially when you have to bundle up to go outside. On warmer winter days try spending time outside with your family being active. Try skating at an outdoor rink, tobogganing, building snow sculptures, or going for a walk. If it’s too cold to spend much time outdoors try playing some more active holiday games such as charades or Simon says, dance to holiday music, create your own indoor workout, or make an active scavenger hunt.

Focus On Time Spent Together

Maintain the focus on the intention of holiday get-togethers - spending time together. Make spending quality time with your family and friends the center of attention by playing games, doing outdoor activities, or creating holiday crafts. Focusing on an activity will help your family to stay active and shine the spotlight on time spent together.

Holidays are a time to celebrate, share delicious food, and enjoy time spent with family and friends. Like anything, making healthy changes takes practice. So start small and try incorporating one healthy habit at a time. Hopefully, these tips will help you and your family to find balance, so that you are able to indulge in the holidays while still maintaining healthy habits.

Wishing you Happy and Healthy Holidays from the FLIP Team!

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