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Road Trip and Travel Snack Ideas

Summer holidays are upon us and whether you’re travelling by plane, train or automobile, one thing is certain: snacks are a must. Food options while travelling can be limited to packaged, processed and often unhealthy items. Not to mention expensive. Planning and packing snacks gives you the control to decide which foods are offered to your family, and probably save you from hunger-related temper tantrums.

What Makes a Healthy Travel Snack:

Healthy snacks will help satisfy hunger and nourish the family between pit stops. In general, homemade snacks tend to be healthier than prepackaged snacks. If purchasing snacks, look for snacks low in added sugar, high in protein and fibre and no trans fat. For more information on healthy snacks options for kids, read our previous blog post: Healthy Snacks for Kids.

Healthy Travel Snacks:

Non-refrigerated snacks:

Refrigerated snacks:

  • Drinkable yogurt

  • Yogurt tubes (these can be frozen too for a cool twist)

  • Hummus

  • Cheese sticks

  • Guacamole

  • Mini bagels with cream cheese and cucumber

  • Tuna and crackers

  • Hard boiled eggs

  • Turkey pinwheels

Additional Travel Snack Tips:

  • Packing a small cooler with ice-packs is important if bringing any meats or dairy products.

  • If bringing snacks on a plane, remember to bring air transport security approved snacks. Foods that are considered liquid or gel must be packaged in containers less than 100 ml or 3.4 oz. This includes foods such as yogurt, hummus, jams or jellies, juices, peanut butter, salsa and sauces. If in doubt, check with your airport or the appropriate transport security agency.

  • Ask your children to get involved and help choose healthy snacks

  • Remember to stay hydrated by bringing plenty of cold water.

  • Offer 1 snack at a time and every 2-3 hours between meals.

  • Keep your travelling space clean and bring a plastic bag to toss any garbage.

What are your favourite travel snacks? Tell us in the comments below!

Happy and safe travels!


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